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Bob and the Snake

R200.00 R170.00

Bob, loves snakes with his whole heart. He is super happy because he heard his parents planning to buy him a real snake for his birthday. A few weeks after he received the snake, it was crown the neighborhood Hero for saving the family from a thief who broke into their house while they were asleep.

Ironically, Lob the snake is the same reason why Bob runs away from home for days. During school holidays, the family decides to travel to Disney Land. Find out if Lob the snake was allowed in the plane or not and how the story ended.

Two Books

Smelly Cats and Bob and the Snake: R325, not R340

Stop Complaining! and Smelly Cats: R320, not R335

Stop Complaining! and Bob and the Snake R320, not R335

Three Books

Stop Complaining! Smelly Cats and Bob and the Snake R480, not R505