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Mediation and Interpretation

We are passionate in disciplinary hearing and dispute resolution. From 2016, we will be offering chairpersons to preside over disciplinary hearings at your dedicated premises. We further provide clients with qualified and dedicated initiators who can investigate acts of misconduct in the work. These prosecutors may thereafter prosecute on behalf of clients.

After operating as a training service provider since 2007, Profounder Intelligence Management Services has put together a panel of chairpersons and prosecutors in all provinces that will take away the burden of having to spend considerable time doing disciplinary hearings. We are proud to announce that our panel consist of legal practitioners, Employee Relations Practitioners, CCMA and Bargaining Councils commissioners and former commissioners. 

Our dispute resolution services include:

  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Chairing Disciplinary Hearings
  • Investigation of acts of misconduct
  • Initiators/ Prosecutors
  • Relationship building initiatives

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