Events Management and Communications Workshop Including Protocol and Etiquette

Dates: 14th – 15th July 2016

Venue: Profound Conference Centre: Bramley – Sandton, Johannesburg – SA6

Whether it is a national conference, a specialist training session, a public meeting, or a local fundraiser, events are the public face of your organisation. This workshop offers a practical guide, and you will leave with a toolkit that will help you organise future activities with confidence and flair. This workshop looks at the power of events to build your organisation and promote its aims. Part of your critical assignments is to forge important relationships between your organisation and other organisations without making embarrassing blunders. You will explore the planning process, going step by step through the different elements and along the way creating an effective timeline. You will look at how to get people to attend an event and how to manage the delegate process. You will also understand what is regarded as acceptable behaviour in one state or institution in comparison to others. The absence of protocol would lead to misunderstanding and disagreement that might eventually result in confusion and conflict. This program illustrates the official forms of procedure that are expected in various social, political and institutional settings. Remember you are the first contact and image of your organisation. Any slight mistake on your part could ruin your organisation’s sterling reputation. This calls for application of excellent protocol, diplomatic, communication and administrative skills.