2016 Corporate Governance: A Sustainable future for Africa

Dates: 29th June – 1st July 2016

Venue: Profound Conference Centre: Bramley – Sandton, Johannesburg – SA8

Modern business and financial practices ought to be built on the four pillars of governance: (1) responsibility; (2) accountability; (3) transparency; and, (4) fairness. These four pillars provide the values that are crucial in enhancing the efficiency of the directors in performing their duties in the Board of Directors. The board of directors of a company is the line of first defense against risks faced by a firm or a bank. By formulating and implementing proper strategies and policies, the Board of Directors can ensure an acceptable rate of return for shareholders. The members of the boards of directors will require this capacity to be effective directors in the governance of the company on behalf of the shareholders they represent. The course is designed as a flexible program to bring about sustainability in Africa.